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The Millennials: The New Generation of the Workplace & Driver of Employee Recognition Programs

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According to The Drivers of Great Work study commissioned by the O.C. Tanner Institute, “consistent performers of great work — the very best employees — are 20 percent more likely to work at organizations [...]

Expand Your Business and Raise Your Game With the 365 nanomarket™

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365 nanomarket™: the perfect technology for your smaller locations that want the variety & freshness of a MicroMarket at a lower entry cost or a larger location that could benefit from a second breakroom. [...]

4 Tips for Managing Inventory for Flexible Workplaces

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Flexible work arrangements are becoming increasingly popular as more and more companies look for ways to entice top talent into their workplace. According to Paul Wolfe, senior vice president of Human Resource (HR) at [...]

3 Benefits of Rotating Your Products

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As featured in the November Edition of Micro Market News from VendingMarketWatch.com You think you’ve done it: found the perfect mix of products for a location and now it’s smooth sailing to restock the market every [...]

The Connected Campus℠ Family – ReadyTouch and 365Sidecar

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"We have too many customers!" — No business owner, ever.  But if you are finding that long lines are a common issue, add ReadyTouch or the 365Sidecar mobile app to your dining operation. The 365Sidecar app allows you [...]

3 Things to Remember When Considering Print Vs. Digital

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As featured in the October Edition of Micro Market News from VendingMarketWatch.com By Madalyn Bommarito Graphic Designer – 365 Retail Markets Let’s go over the basics. Before we get to the three simple steps, let’s dig [...]

The Connected Campus℠ And Lightspeed Automation

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Lightspeed Automation is now available with the nanomarket™!  Increase sales and manage your inventory at the speed of light with the combined effort of 365 Connected Campus℠ and Lightspeed Automation. In addition to the [...]

The Connected Campus℠ Family – AirVend and 365 Inside

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Do you have a MicroMarket and vending machines in one location? Are your vending locations asking for a MicroMarket?   Add your existing vending machines to your Connected Campus℠ with AirVend and 365 Inside to increase your revenue and create an easier checkout experience [...]

The Connected Campus℠ Family – MicroMarkets, nanomarket™ and Mobile

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Are you ready to take your business to new heights? The 365 Connected Campus is able to bring your locations unprecedented breakroom and dining options. Be versatile with MicroMarket Kiosks. Our flagship technology, with the sleek [...]